What Are the Dimensions of Elevator Bolts(boulons De Godet D’élévateur)?

boulons de godet d’élévateur

Elevator bolts, also known as “boulons de godet d’élévateur” in French, are integral components used in various industries to securely fasten elevator buckets in vertical material handling systems. These versatile fasteners are available in a variety of dimensions to meet specific application requirements. In this article, we will explore the common dimensions of elevator bolts and their significance in different industries.


Elevator bolts are manufactured in different diameters, typically ranging from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch (6.35 mm to 9.525 mm). The most commonly used diameter is 5/16 inch (7.938 mm). The diameter of the bolt plays a crucial role in determining its strength and load-bearing capacity, ensuring a reliable connection between the elevator bucket and the conveyor system. Selecting the appropriate diameter is vital to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance.


Elevator bolts are measured from the underside of the head to the tip. The length of the bolt can vary depending on the thickness of the materials being fastened. Common lengths range from 3/4 inch to 4 inches (19.05 mm to 101.6 mm). It is essential to choose the correct length to ensure sufficient engagement of the bolt and secure fastening of the elevator bucket. Considering the material thickness is important in determining the suitable bolt length.

Head Style:

Elevator bolts typically feature a flat, countersunk head design. The diameter of the head is generally larger than the bolt diameter, providing a wide bearing surface. This helps distribute the load and prevents the bolt from pulling through the material. The head shape is commonly square or rectangular, facilitating easy installation and tightening. The countersunk head design ensures a flush fit, minimizing any protrusions that could interfere with the smooth operation of the elevator bucket.

Thread Type:

Elevator bolts generally have a coarse, standard UNC (Unified Coarse) thread. This thread type ensures a secure fastening and enables efficient installation and removal. The coarse thread provides excellent resistance against vibration, preventing the elevator bolts from loosening over time. The thread pitch and diameter are designed to meet the specific requirements of elevator bucket applications, ensuring a reliable and durable connection.

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